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Introducing Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds Music Programme NORTH


The aim of the programme is to offer parents and children an inclusive music course that will support their knowledge and confidence about the benefits of active music making for childrenís development in all areas and encourage practise at home.


There is a wealth of evidence that shows the link with active music making and development in early years. A recent research study by Chichester University Early Years Department has provided evidence that Boogie Mites parent education programmes impact parentís confidence, knowledge and home practice with music making.


The Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds Programme is delivered by an experienced SEN Early Years Practitioner, so that families with children at risk of developmental delay, awaiting a diagnosis or diagnosed, can be supported by an experienced leader who can adapt activities for each child.


The Sticks and Sounds Parent Education Programme is delivered as six, one hour workshops. The links to the 3 Prime Areas of Learning are covered as a group and individual development needs are discussed with each parent. They receive a CD pack to take home and home practise is encouraged and shared each week. Boogie Mitesí original songs, home-made props and instruments are loved by children and adults alike.


The songs and linked musical activities aim to harness the power of rhythmic and melodic awareness. There is a particular focus on developing communication and language skills with activities that practise:

Tuning into sounds Ė listening and picking out sounds (auditory discrimination)

Listening and remembering sounds in the orders they are heard (auditory memory and sequencing)

Talking about sounds (developing vocabulary, understanding of language and speech).


Boogie Mites partner with I CAN Communication Charity. The programme has been very well received in the South of England. Please see testimonials.


With over 30 years experience in 'the field' I am delighted to be offering this Programme to all organisations; engaging children and young people with additional needs and their parents/carers in the North of England from April 2014 onwards.

Throughout my career, as a teacher in Special Schools, as a Private Day Nursery Owner/Worker, as Portage Coordinator and a member of a Multi Agency Assessment Team, my motto has always been; 'If in doubt get the song box out.'

I believe that the Boogie Mites fantastic songs, programme and resources, will improve outcomes for children and families immensely, in the short, medium and long term and provide practitioners with invaluable skills, whilst all have 'Fun' together.


To discuss how the programme may be just the early intervention needed to support families and childrenís development at this crucial stage and to book an individualised programme for your needs contact: Michele Brown, Boogie Mites Northern Licensee


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