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Sticks and Sounds Programme for Pre-school children with SEN

What Early Years Practitioners say:


“I have been on many music courses for SEN and none of them are a patch on Boogie Mites. I find that every Boogie-Mites song offers a superb experience for each and every child and baby whether they are developing typically or not. When attending classes there is no way that their speech, language and communication development won't develop in some way!

For the youngest baby, or very early developmental stages, there is so much to experience as they observe, hear and feel rhythm as their parent moves them along to a variety of fun songs. With regular attendance this will develop as they start to vocalise, anticipate, clap their hands and move to the music independently.

The toddler will be able to copy actions and Makaton signs used, can dance with free expression, sing along with key words or the simple and 'catchy' repetitive choruses, They can join in with the animal and transport sounds in, many of the themes whilst they're richly stimulated by the colourful props and resources used, and their concentration skills will improve! 

The 2-4 year old as well as absorbing information about the world around them , will have increased  experiences about using their voices to make high, low, slow, fast, quiet and loud sounds. They will be able to join in with simple clapping rhythms and actions to songs as well as 'acting out' in song. For example; from egg, to caterpillar, to cocoon, to butterfly also helping the sequence process. They have the repetition in the songs to enable them to join in for all or some of the songs all whilst their socialisation skills are also encouraged!

Whatever the developmental stage, age or diagnosis of the under-5's, I'd highly recommend Boogie-Mites to enable the child's speech and language development to improve in some way. “

 Marg Dunne, Portage Team Manager, Fareham and Gosport Portage Service


 “This course was fantastic!” I had a great time learning the new songs and was so excited to put them in to practice. The children have had a great time over the last week, learning the songs and actions. As SENCO in my setting, I feel that Boogie Mites will support all of the children with their EYFS development. Thank you so much for this course, it was brilliant!!!”   Hannah Mitchell, The Vicarage Pre-school and Nursery, Gosport.


 “We find the CD and song book a very good support which helps us to boost our confidence. The children enjoy making sounds and noises. Being a Special Needs nursery, even the children who are not able to speak are happy to make sounds and noises with their voices. It is a great way to improve the children’s language and creative skills. Thank you again.”  Eniko Kocsis, The Rainbow Centre, Fareham, Hants.


“The Boogie Mites Sticks and Sounds SEN course for parents and pre-school children has been very popular at our Centre. Everyone including the children, the parents, the carers and the staff love the songs! Each week the session revisits songs from the previous week and as the children become more familiar with the songs you can see their excitement as they anticipate the song that is coming next! Liv has been really supportive in encouraging members of the team to lead songs within the session- and we each have our favourites! The use of home made instruments within the session is fantastic as parents begin to realise everything has the potential to make music. Children enjoy making their instruments in the session and we are always hearing stories from parents and carers about how much the children enjoy playing their instruments at home. Thank you Boogie Mites!” Rachel Garner, Enhancement Centre Wandsworth


“I found this a wonderful workshop. Boogie Mites was unknown to me before today. As a professional musician, I was interested to see what this workshop could do from my setting. I was thrilled with the session. I do a huge amount of music-based activities for all my children from 0-15 years old and am always looking for new ideas to keep the interest for the children. I also have a 2 year old who is developing in her speech at a different pace and I can uses so much of today’s brief to stimulate her as I am finding that I am communicating with her through my music. The two tutors delivered this workshop in a wonderful relaxing happy and stimulation way and I would highly recommend this to anyone working with children.”  Coralie Jeal, Childminder, Gloucestershire.


What parents say:

“ It has been really helpful to see the songs in action as Martha also does Boogie Mites at her nursery, so I am now able to continue with them at home.  The sessions have also helped Martha’s interaction with others and any group activities help her to improve her tolerance in being with lots of different people end environments. 

Martha’s Mum, Mill Hill Children’s Centre, Portage Group


“Josh does the Boogie Mites programme at school once a week and I remembered it from when I worked in a local Nursery. It has helped him grow in confidence, socialise with other children and improve his speech. For example, after having done the Boogie Mites session on rhyming words, he was in the bath when he said to me ‘Bath sounds like the word laugh, doesn’t it Mummy?’  I knew then that he was thinking about what he had learned. We both love singing together, so when we got the Sticks and Sounds CD pack it became part of our everyday life which Josh very much looks forward to.  I would recommend Boogie Mites without hesitation for any parent and child, but especially to those with similar problems to the ones Josh is learning to overcome.’”Louise Shervell, Josh’s mum, Hayling Island pre-school.


“We really enjoyed the Boogie Mites course, and loved the CD. We listen to it about 3 times a week! I made some shakers and have improvised with some sticks, and both Ben and Max have really got to grips with the shaking and tapping. Max actually shakes any type of shaker up high and between his legs as soon as he hears music! Ben has his favourite songs which changes from time to time, his favourite at the moment is the ‘crocodiles mouth gets wider and wider until it shuts with a snap’, and he does all the actions. He often signs ‘more’ when he hears this song and when he sees a crocodile in a book he does the same actions. Ben will quite often get me the CD when he wants to listen to it, and recognises which instrument/prop he needs eg the scarf for peekaboo etc, the shaker for Shaker Rock. Everything is really positive, Ben has responded really well, it gives a structured time for interaction, learning new makaton signs, and hopefully the foundations for language development. The most important thing of all, is he really enjoys it!! Thank you.” Vicki Hannay, Ben and Max’s mum who attended a course at a Children’s Centre in Surrey.


“My son has come on so well with his physical, social and communication skills. Everything about the course was brilliant. Thank you.” Parent attending a course at a Children’s Centre in Portsmouth

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